Business owners know that exhibitions are a vital part of their sales strategy regardless of their industry. The marketing department can often feel under pressure to perform well and to generate interest in the business. And as many businesses budgets get tighter while the prices for stands and booths at exhibitions continues to rise, ensuring that your trade show booth presence is maximised is more important now than ever. Doing this doesn’t need to be tricky or expensive.

The most overwhelming phase while planning for your exhibition booth is the designing phase. As you will be provided with a limited space in which you have to make a significant impression on people that will walk pass by your exhibition booth. For this, you require good exhibition stand design ideas that will help your booth speak for your brand.

At trade fairs, your exhibition booth design is the most crucial component, and you certainly want to get it right. A simple exhibition stand can be just as effective when put together correctly, as a much larger one, but there are some things that you should take into consideration, such as the type of stand you need.

Here are some simple exhibition stand design ideas to improve the look and success of your booth at your forthcoming exhibitions.
Adding audio-visual equipment

An exhibition stand that has an audio-visual system fitted in it will attract more visitors towards it. Offering new and exciting information about your products or service through visual representation on a screen will engage more customers towards your booth space. You can also make use of interactive technology by adding touchscreen technology in your booth area. This will help your potential customers get access to all the exciting data of your company through videos, images, and websites.

Making proper use of height and lights

While planning for your exhibition stand construction, make maximum utilization of your exhibition space. Make the most of the height allowance for your show spot. There are some who also allow hanging structures that can be adjourned from the ceiling. When you incorporate lights in your stand area, it helps in highlighting the marketing message along with the brand name to gain visibility in the market. This enables your exhibition stand to get noticed in the crowd. Also, this is an ideal show branding solution that makes a prominent brand impression in any exhibition.

Bigger is not always better

The selection of your stand is important to consider before considering your exhibition booth ideas. Depending on your type of business you have to consider, which type of exhibition stand will suit your brand. Big and grand is not always better. A lot of times, a small exhibition booth design can do the job well, even better than any large exhibition stand. For example, if you have a food and beverage business and want to test the consumer response for a new product then having a small exhibition booth would be a more cost-effective way when compared to a large exhibition booth.

Simple yet minimalist design is always better

Make your booth interesting to look at. A simple and artistic designed exhibition booth will add oodles of value to your overall booth presentation, provided it is designed smartly and appropriately. In fact, many marketing gurus think, having simple and minimalistic exhibition booth design concept is a way more effective than elaborate booth design. Simple and clear ideas help to communicate the marketing message more effectively to the target audience and have greater brand recall value.

Hiring an expert is always better

You’ll be surprised at the variety of simple designs available in the market. However, you need to be careful about the stand design you select to represent your brand at the show in which you are participating. Thorough research must be done before you book your exhibition booth. You must assess your brand guidelines with the help of an exhibition booth designer. Hiring an experienced expert will help you to narrow down the right simple booth design that will portray your brand. This ensures that your brand and business stand out during your participation at the trade show.

Have a well-trained booth staff and quirky marketing collaterals

Make sure that the people manning your exhibition booth are interesting to speak to. People who look interested in speaking to others will attract more potential customers. Make sure any information you have on hand, like leaflets or brochures, are fun to look at and use too. If you miss this critical step, people will pick up your information and never read it.

Clearly display your brand and its benefits

At an exhibition, you need to make an impact on potential customers in a matter of seconds. And whichever impression you make in those crucial moments will decide whether or not they stay and take a longer look at your exhibition stand. Make sure your logo is always visible, and ensure your graphics put forward your brand’s main offerings or advantages that are appropriate for that show. Sending out mixed, confusing or inappropriate messages will results in many people avoiding your stand.

Simple exhibition booth design ideas focus majorly on minimalistic designs that are clutter-free and effective. They are not very heavy on the pocket either. They enable you to participate in an exhibition with a relatively smaller budget and assist you in making the most of your participation.